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Afternoon ….

And a beautiful one it is at that. Currently on break and exploring the park…this would be perfect if my my allergies didn’t have me sneezing every 2 seconds

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clean up in aisle three

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March 2014

This month wasn’t bad…The start of my life getting in order so to speak…the kick start to my year.The first few days were a blurr because the only thing I was able to focus on was my work orientation on the 7th. When that day finally came it was well…what I expected it to be…a long drawn out process and not necessarily the best social situation for someone that had been locked away for a month existing on internet and daytime TV… So long story short ? Awkward. My first day in the store a few days later went by ok…I was a little rusty…VERY rusty at this whole sales shit but thankfully it was only one day. Income tax came and went in bills…wooo…One day a week is not going to cut it so when I learned about an opportunity to work at a queens location I jumped at it. The interview was on the 13th and that went well so  I was supposed to start the week of the 24th.

At this point in time I’m still receiving texts from Duckett that I ignore & I hadn’t been communicating with Skeete. There isn’t anything to say, just been focusing on other people. I’ve been talking to Tacha a lot lately. Renee,I hear from weekly. March 15th is my father’s birthday so naturally  I had NO intentions on being home at all. Instead I have a lunch date with Tacha at this Thai place on 2nd ave. It was quite nice actually because the health inspector chose to do his inspection that same day so we literally were the only ones in the restaurant. Trust me it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, the food was good and everyone that walked in after us was turned away. We get cupcakes in Soho and that’s where I run into this stupid black boy that will go unnamed and I have to do a 360 into the 6 train station because the last thing I want is for him to get the idea I’m dating this girl. We then rest at the pier and just soak in the atmosphere. By the time we head back to 14th our minds are in different places and I’m ready to go home. She is not however so I don’t get on the train until 8. When I finally reach home, I find my sister has baked some birthday cookies for the old prune…at least someone did something nice .

Though I swore off of it, Facebook has been reintroduced into my life. On the 20th I make plans to hang out with Tacha at her house after I pick up my check…halfway there I find that it was already direct deposited = waste of time. I transfer buses and make the 2 hour trip to Canarsie…stopping at the milk bar on my way there of course. We watch Disney movies, I meet her cousins, do her hair and take pictures. I don’t get home until after 10.

 The morning of the 21st I’m feeling strangely sentimental…I miss everyone so I send a text to skeete asking if she wants to get some pink berry tomorrow at 12:58 pm. Text Misha about this post about this former high school classmate that made it on world star which leads to a lengthy conversation that ends with plans to meet up in the middle of next month. I text Dejah to find out that she’s been on spring break all week so we make plans instead which literally puts me in a beautiful mood for the rest of the day until 10:48 pm when this girl texts me “ok she’s down”...Bish Whet? Its like how many hours later? I let her know I make other plans and don’t look at my phone for the rest of the night. Next day after a lengthy wait in the train station with even weirder turn when I have to witness this lady and her son waiting on the police because she got assaulted …that turns in to a huge scene after 45 minutes of waiting. When she does eventually show we get out froyo, head to the highline  then the pier then Spice for dinner…it was great like literally one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

As the month is drawing to a close, I’m getting antsy about starting my new job.On the 28th I show up about 45 minutes early ( by accident) to my work place only to wait until 9:30, get inside and find out that we weren’t working that day…thanks I wanted to waste a metro fare. Bright side ? I got a chance to meet and chat with my new supervisor but I had to cancel my Netflix in order to make it to work next week. Its fine though…I can survive off of mega share for now…Which inspires my big “Lord of the rings”  marathon starting that evening. On the 30th, I caught my show on PBS “Call The Midwife” and it was worth the two month wait  so yay !

We end up setting up the store over there  on the 31st with the manager of my old store. Definitely kept us busy. Good way to end the month.

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